ePet Service Tour

1. Design - we develop a visually attractive, colorful web site

2. Software - we install the latest ePet Web software suite

3. Product Entry - we enter over 5,000 products

4. Authorize.net and UPS Gateway - setup your payment and shipping gateways

5. Marketing - we deploy your site using the latest in internet software

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Service Tour :

We have a systematic plan for developing your business on the internet. Combine a creative site design, with a feature rich and user friendly software system and a comprehensive search engine marketing campaign; and you will reach success.

1. Web Design - we customize a web site-exclusively for your business-using high quality images, coordinated colors, elegant fonts and a user friendly layout.

Image & Color Palette Selection Process - from our selection of over 50,000 stock images, we work to match your business persona, with several top quality images. We then develop your web sites color scheme based upon your image selection.

Font Choice - next, we work to match your business with the right font; for the perfect look. We have a portfolio of over 10,000 fonts to choose from.

Layout - combining your image selection, with color and font choices, we design a layout that will appeal to your customers. Ease of use, and originality are essential in our layout process.

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