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1. Design - we develop a visually attractive, colorful web site

2. Software - we install the latest ePet Web software suite

3. Product Entry - we enter over 5,000 products

4. Authorize.net and UPS Gateway - setup your payment and shipping gateways

5. Marketing - we deploy your site using the latest in internet software

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3. Product Entry - we are familiar with the top product manufacturers, and have already organized many of them into a database; with pictures, descriptions and prices.

Top Pet Product Manufacturers - broken down by product count, and percentage of products compared to other manufacturers. We enter their products onto your web site; so you are ready to sell.

Data Entry Cost - We went to the liberty of contacting a data entry service, to give you an idea of time needed to enter over 5,000 products into your web site.

To give you an idea of the cost involved in entering 10,000 products, we have developed the following scenario:

Products to be entered: 5,000
Time spent per product: 7 minutes (this entails entering the title, description, version title, sku number's, features: size, wattage, color etc., image, and category)
Hours needed to enter 5,000 products: 583 hours

A temporary data entry worker will work 40 hours a week, so we will assume 2 data entry workers can get the job done in 7 weeks.

The cost involved for each worker is $10.75 per hour (as quoted by the data entry service). That's $860.00 a week for both workers, $6,020.00 for the complete 7 weeks needed to enter the data!

YOU SAVE $6,020.00 !

We will have the products entered in under 48 hours, for FREE! No additional charges apply!

We also have the experience in the pet industry, the ability to continually update the database, and finally, we will be able to organize the information so it works flawlessly with our software.

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