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1. Design - we develop a visually attractive, colorful web site

2. Software - we install the latest ePet Web software suite

3. Product Entry - we enter over 5,000 products

4. Authorize.net and UPS Gateway - setup your payment and shipping gateways

5. Marketing - we deploy your site using the latest in internet software

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New Pet Web Sites:
Never Forget
Incredible Pets
The Reptile Center

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5. Marketing - our area of expertise; internet marketing. Our software has been customized for quick search engine assimilation, and high ranking. Our sites products are listed 75% of the time on the first page!

Search Engine Use - based upon research found from previously deployed ePet web sites, we have developed our software package to target; Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Search Phrase Report - the search phrase report lists the location of your products on each search engine, Google, Yahoo and MSN. With this information, we can determine which products are not listed, and list them. We can also work on lower listed products; to get them higher rankings.

Search Keyword Researching - we list the most popular keywords for your site to get ranked under.

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