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8 in 1 (Manufacturers)

For more than 100 years now, Eight in One Pet Products has been a leading provider of pet supplies. The Eight in One family — which includes brands such as One Earth™, Lazy Pet®, St.Aubrey, and others — services a wide range of companion animal categories including dog, cat, small animals, and birds.

Andis (Manufacturers)

Andis, the leading manufacturer of hair styling appliances since 1922, is the standard of quality among professional hairstylists and barbers. Andis also offers a complete line of quality hair clippers and hair trimmers for animal grooming from dogs and horses to cattle and sheep.

AnimalLinkExchange (Advertising)

AnimalLinkExchange is a simple, free way for animal and pet sites to advertise with each other. Please use the navigation menu on the left to find out how the animal link exchange works and how to get started with your animal and pet advertising campaign today!

Animal Network (Magazines)

Animal Network is a division of BowTie Inc., America’s leading producer of pet and animal magazines with a roster of more than 50 publications that are distributed nationally to millions of animal-loving consumers as well as pet store retailers, veterinarians, and breeders. Divisions of BowTie, Inc. include Fancy Publications, Thoroughbred Times Company, BowTie Press, Global Distribution Services and Advanced Vivarium Systems, and

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (Manufacturers)

In the beginning, the focus at Aquarium Pharmaceuticals was on the development of tropical fish medications. That was back in 1965. Today we are an industry leading manufacturer and international supplier of a complete line of aquarium and pond products. We manufacture and sell more than 170 products across many different product categories.

Aquarium Systems (Manufacturers)

Aquarium Systems, Inc. has been a major supplier to marine aquarists for more than 30 years. Founded in 1964, our first objective was to supply products to research institutions that were working with the rapidly advancing technologies of the marine sciences. Our first product, Instant Ocean® synthetic sea salt, was the first commercial salt that was widely accepted by the scientific community, and it remains the standard for scientific research today.

Aspen Pet (Manufacturers)

At Aspen Pet, we work together to make safe, quality products that pets love and pet owners can trust. We strive to provide excellent customer service, great pricing and on-time delivery while developing the latest and greatest pet toys and supplies.

Barrons (Manufacturers)

For more than six decades the thousands of titles in the Barron’s Educational Series have helped millions of Americans to prepare for every kind of event from college entrance exams to parenting to pet ownership. Barron's books, VCRs, and CD-ROMs make learing easy.

Bird Times (Magazines)

The magazine of the best about companion birds. Breed profiles, health care, environmental issues, stories about special birds, new products. Published by Pet Business Inc.

Birdwatch America (Magazines)

The Birdwatch America Web site is primarily designed to provide informatioin about industry and trade news. Among the many helpful links on this site are those that take the visitor to sections devoted to trade shows, new products, industry news, and publications. The consumer corner of the site features a list of stores across America that specialize in or carry a wide selection of wild-bird-related products.

Blitz (Manufacturers)

Blitz USA Inc. is one of the nation's most progressive manufacturers of specialty consumer products in the plastics industry. The Blitz lineup includes a wide variety of pet products such as doghouses, pet carriers, feeders and waterers, cat toys, and storage containers.

Blue Ribbon (Manufacturers)

Blue Ribbon Pet Products Inc. has manufactured and imported top-quality aquarium accessories, fish foods, and bird cages for more than thirty years. The company's dedication to premium merchandise means that customers can always depend on products bearing the Blue Ribbon label.

Cardinal (Manufacturers)

Included on this site is an on-line pet shop offering Cardinal brands, Pet Botanics, Crazy Pet®, and Gold Medal Pets — only "if you have a note from your favorite pet store saying that they are out of stock, and if you promise to make all future purchases at your local pet store."

Cats & Kittens (Magazines)

The magazine of the best about cats. Breed profiles, health care, working cats, special cat stories, new products. Published by Pet Business Inc.

Coastal Pet Products (Manufacturers)

Coastal Pet Products' more than thirty years experience is reflected in its fine line of collars, tie outs, grooming, and specialty products, each of which "is tested for function and safety to assure the item provides comfort and security for your pet.".

Dog & Kennel (Magazines)

The magazine of the best about dogs. Breed profiles, health care, dogs at work, new products. Published by Pet Business Inc.

Dogswell (Manufacturers)

Manufacturers of dog treats made with 100% chicken breast, featuring healthy supplements.

Dr. Daniels (Manufacturers)

In 1878, Dr. A. C. Daniels started the business that still bears his name. That business has kept pace with evolutions occuring between the horse-and-buggy and the cyberspace ages, and today Dr. Daniels' products range from pet ornaments and place mats to cat and dog toys to fashion jewelry — including, of course, medicines, which are what started the Dr.Daniels story 125 years ago.

Emperor Aquatics Inc. (Manufacturers)

Emperor Aquatics Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of ultraviolet sterilization and filtration components for a number of industries. Among them are water purification, theme parks/public exhibits, aquaculture, landscape, lawn and garden, and pets.

Energy Saver's Unlimited (Manufacturers)

The merchandise that is offered by Energy Savers Unlimited is available under the following brand names: Coral Life® (lamps, lighting fixtures, and sterilizers), ESU Reptile® (bedding brick, litter, and lighting displays), Pondlife® (filters, accessories, and sterilizers), and Birdlife® (lamps, litter, and care products).

Estes' (Manufacturers)

The Estes' company has been America's top manufacturer of aquarium aggregates for more than forty years. Estes' products are nontoxic and safe to use in aquariums, terrariums, and planters.

Exclusively Dog Cookies (Manufacturers)

Exclusively Dog Cookies, manufactured by Exclusively Pet Inc., is the dog cookie treat favored by consumers who appreciate it not only for its uniqueness and quality but also for its resemblance to popular human cookies.

Farnam (Manufacturers)

Founded in 1946, Farnam Companies has grown from a small firm that sold livestock equipment into a multi-million dollar, multi-division enterprise, which proudly declares, "If you've got an animal, we've got something for it."

Fat Cat Inc. (Manufacturers)

Fat Cat Inc. is a family-owned company dedicated to the ultimate bliss of cats and dogs. Fat Cat's mission, "To Make People and their Pets Laugh" is achieved everyday in households throughout the world. With innovative products, creative designs, and the pet-passion required to fuel them, Fat Cat, Inc. creates products that go far beyond those boring toys of yesteryear."

Feline Pine (Manufacturers)

Feline Pine cat litter does not need chemical additives to control odor because pine naturally bonds with ammonia. Therefore, customers never have to contend with a sticky, foul mess when the litter box needs changing.

Feller Stone (Manufacturers)

During sixteen years in business, Feller Stone has supplied decorative media to clients around the world. Leaving no stone unturned, Feller's latest product line, Real Rock™, is deisgned to make your pets "feel more at home in their natural habitats."

Flexi (Manufacturers)

The Flexi corporation makes the world's best-selling retractable leash. Invented in 1972, Flexi leashes are sold in more than fifty countries and are available in eight styles, five colors, and lengths up to twenty-six feet.

Four Paws (Manufacturers)

One of the largest pet-product manufacturers in the United States, Four Paws offers a variety of grooming and health care products for dogs, cats, and reptiles, including brand names such as Magic Coat®. Four Paws distributes its outstanding line of health and beauty aids throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

G.G. Bean Inc. (Manufacturers)

G.G. Bean Inc. manufactures more than twenty odor-neutralizing products that are cruelty-free, nonflammable, and nontoxic. They are safe for direct use on pets, humans, clothing, flooring, upholstery, and walls; have a shelf life of more than seven years; and can be frozen and thawed or exposed to extremes of heat without loss of effectiveness.

The source for pet news

Hagen (Manufacturers)

Founded in 1955, Rolf C. Hagen is the largest, most effective privately run pet manufacturer and distributor in the world. The distribution capacity of Rolf C. Hagen Inc. spans the globe, providing pet supplies to the independent pet trade.

Happy Dog Toys (Manufacturers)

Happy Dog Toys is dedicated to "changing the way people think about pet toys" and to making "the best and most innovative interactive pet products available." All Happy Dog products are vet-tested and approved — and designed with the most "energetic" and "enthusiastic" pet in mind!

Harvest Venture's (Manufacturers)

Harvest Venture's Crystal Clear Litter Pearls® was voted the best new cat product at the 1999 APPMA trade show. The innovation that is the hallmark of Harvest Ventures is also evident in Permium Pork Chewz™, which are 100% natural, and Harvest Chewz™, which are non-staining and guaranteed to be free of toxins and preservatives.

Hikari (Manufacturers)

Hikari Sales USA has been importing quality products for your underwater pets for more than thirty years. The company that originated premium aquatic diets, Hikari has "spent considerable time and research dollars to gain insight into the nutritional needs of your fishy friends. This insight allows us to produce diets that will not only maintain their health, but assist you in keeping your aquarium in top form."

Jungle Labs (Manufacturers)

Whether you are a veteran hobbyist or a rank novice, Jungle Labs makes fish and pond care easy. Jungle Labs offers water conditioners, plant foods, and fish medications, as well as products for maintaining the perfect environment in your aquarium or pond. The website also contains a database of answers to problems faced by aquarium and pond enthusiasts.

Jungle Talk (Manufacturers)

Founded in 1987 by bird lover Glenn McGinty, Jungle-Talk was launched with the invention of the Cagenut Puzzle toy. Since then, JungleTalk products have become America's best-selling bird toys & accessories while preserving McGinty's mission to challenge and entertain birds with high quality, safe, innovative toys — while not neglecting affordability.

Kaytee (Manufacturers)

Kaytee, the industry leader in nutritional research, packaging quality, and product innovation, manufactures premium foods for pet birds, wild birds, and small animals. Kaytee pet foods — and its registered brands Fiesta®, Forti-Diet®, Exact®, and Kaytee® — are nutritionally complete and balanced for optimal pet health and vitality.

Kent Marine (Manufacturers)

Kent Marine's supplements cover the waterfront. Looking for an innovative saltwater additive? Kent's got it — and a complete line of water garden supplements and additives, not to mention betta food and "the best water filters in the industry . . . from the Nautilus TE Skimmer to the unbeatable BioRocker." Also featured on this website is Kent University, an ongoing information forum addressing and introducing various subjects in the aquarium hobby.

Worldwide magazine for the koi hobbyist

Kyjen Company Inc. (Manufacturers)

The Kyjen Company Inc. provides excellent quality at the lowest possible price. Kyjen products — which include dog toys, pet travel gear, and holiday items — are sold throughout the United States and in many other countries.

Lafeber (Manufacturers)

The story of pet bird nutrition in America is, in many ways, the story of Dr. T.J. Lafeber. His desire to provide pet birds with a high-quality diet became the driving force behind the Lafeber Company, one of the premier organizations in the pet food industry.

Lambert Kay (Manufacturers)

For more than fifty years Lambert Kay has been widely recognized for its high standards of quality and innovation. Lambert Kay — and its LINATONE®, THERALIN®, AVITRON®, and other pet-health-care and grooming products — is not only a dynamic presence in the domestic market but also a major purveyor in the global community.

Lee’s® Aquarium & Pet Products is a family owned and operated company that was founded in 1975. Roughly 90 percent of Lee’s® products are manufactured and packaged in the United States. This enables Lee’s® to boast order turn-around time that is consistently "measured in days, not weeks or months."

Litter Maid (Manufacturers)

The Litter Maid system protects you, your family, and your feline companion from health risks that can be associated with litter pan use. Persons who are pregnant, have a supressed immune system, or have toddlers in the house should exercise care when handling or simply being near a cat's litter box.

MIDWEST (Manufacturers)

If house-training is the question, MIDWEST Homes for Pets has the answer. MIDWEST products are an important aid in the crate training method, recommended by veterinarians, trainers, and breeders. Because crate training takes advantage of a dog's natural instinct to find a safe place of its own, house-training with a MIDWEST crate not only cuts training time significantly but also helps solve behavioral problems.

Marineland (Manufacturers)

Marineland, located in Moorpark, California, is the world's largest manufacturer of integrated aquatic filtration systems for both commercial and consumer applications. Marineland is committed to your fishkeeping success. For more than 35 years we have been ensuring healthier fish through better water quality.

Marshall (Manufacturers)

Marshall Ferrets are the choice of fanciers the world over. In addition Marshall offers products that will enrich the ferret-keeping experience — from sturdy hammocks to escape-proof harness and lead sets to bell collars to grooming products, vitamins, toys, and "the first and foremost Premium Ferret Diet on the market."

Multipet International (Manufacturers)

Multipet International, a subsidiary of the MultiGroup, is "the premier, award-winning pet products manu-facturer in the United States." Founded in 1995, Multipet is dedicated to unique design and superior quality. Its Wiggly Giggly toy is an APPMA best-new-dog-product winner, and its Cativity Blanket provides an array of activities for even the most finicky cat. Multipet is headquartered in Moonachie, New Jersey.

Novalek (Manufacturers)

Incorporated in California in 1981, Novalek is a for-profit research and development company. It was formed in order to develop aquatic and small pet animal products. Novalek brands include Kordon home aquarium and ornamental pond products, AquaVet aquaculture and professional aquatic products, and Oasis, a division manufacturing small animal waterers.

Nutro (Manufacturers)

Nutro was founded in 1926 when John Saleen bought a dog food company from a British entrepreneur, moved the operation to Southern California, and renamed it Nutro. For the next fifty years Nutro was a family-run business. That business was sold in 1976 and nine years later Nutro's first super-premium dog food was brought to market. Since then the MAX dog food line has been expanded to include a variety of products for every stage of a dog's life, and a full line of foods for cats has been added to the Nutro line-up.

Nylabone (Manufacturers)

Nylabone Products®, a division of T.F.H. Publications, is a leading manufacturer of premium dog chews and dental-health items. In fact, Nylabone dog chews are the brand most recognized by veterinarians, clinics, and kennels. The Nylabone line, which carries the ASPCA seal of approval, features Gumabone®, Plaque Attacker®, and other recognizable trademarks. It also includes interactive dog and cat toys, as well as patented collapsible doghouses and pet carriers.

Oasis (Manufacturers)

Developed for use in laboratory research, Oasis waterers performed so well they were introduced to the pet trade in 1964. They were an instant success, and Oasis has continued to be the world's leader in sanitary water dispensers, including new designs and product innovations for all types of pet animals.

Ocean Nutrition (Manufacturers)

A trade-mark of Aqua Pet Americas, Ocean Nutrition™is seeking "to create the perfect food for tropical fish by duplicating, as nearly as possible, their natural diet." Hence the Ocean Nutrition™ slogan: “We go to great depths for the best.”

Oceanic Systems (Manufacturers)

A subsidiary of All-Glass Aquarium, Oceanic Systems manufactures premium quality aquariums, stands, and lighting that are sold by pet-supply distributors throughout the United States under the Oceanic® brand name. Oceanic creates custom-engineered aquariums up to 500 gallons in capacity — and in unique shapes — that reflect a commitment to producing beautiful, well-designed aquarium furniture.

Omega Paw (Manufacturers)

The goal at Omega Paw® is "to solve problems with simple solutions." Omega Paw® distributors, located throughout North America and around the world, provide products such as Roll Away™ "Self-Cleaning Litter Box," Hungry Pet™ "Food Mat and Bowls," Mint & Tartar Dental Rings™, and a variety of other toys and pet related items.

OurPet’s (Manufacturers)

OurPet’s products improve the health, comfort, and safety of pets. The company's line includes feeders, interactive toys, supplements, and treats. Whether you own a dog, cat, or bird, OurPet's has "the perfect product for your Best Friend!"

PYTHON (Manufacturers)

If you've become weary of aquarium maintenance, try PYTHON Products. Cut maintenance time in half. Perform mandatory aquarium chores with no buckets, no siphons, no mess, no tank tear-downs ever again!

Penn-Plax (Manufacturers)

Penn-Plax is a leader in aquarium decorations. Its Pond-Plus line helps pond owners to maintain a care-free pond. In addition, Penn-Plax offers housing and accessories for dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles.


Pet Age (Magazines)

Every month Pet Age delivers content designed to help owners/managers of retail pet supply outlets succeed in today's competitive business environment. Feature stories emphasize industry developments, product innovations, management, merchandising, sales techniques, and animal health/care. Departments report industry news, regulatory issues, and more. Columns provide feedback and inside information. Plus, each December the annual Pet Age SourceBook Issue presents thousands of detailed listings of pet products and suppliers.

Pet Business (Magazines)

Pet Business provides information and advertising that give pet retailers the wherewithal to increase their financial success. The magazine's editorial content contains how-to information and analysis from industry experts. Pet Business articles explore the issues affecting the industry and examine subjects of interest to retail executives. In addition to feature articles, Pet Business presents business columns, pet and product columns, departments, and two industry directories — one published in the March/April issue, the other in September/October.

Because our pets are what they eat, Pet Food Industry Online provides a healthy serving of the latest developments in pet food research, news, and trends. Of particular interest on this site is the free electronic newsletter. A recent edition was filled with up-to-the-minute information that ranged from a discussion of lagging gains in pet-food-customer satisfaction, to a report on Sergeant’s plans to consolidate packaging operations. Pet Food Industry Online is produced by the Watt Publishing Company, which also brings you Pig International and

Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) is the world’s largest pet trade association, representing all segments of the pet industry:

Pet Press (Magazines)

The news engine for the pet industry.

Pet Product News (Magazines)

Pet Product News is a monthly business newsmagazine covering the issues and trends affecting all sectors of the professional pet industry.

Pet Publishing (Magazines)

Pet Publishing of Greensboro, North Carolina, publishes a trio of magazines for animal lovers. Dog & Kennel is an excellent source for entertaining, informative, and authoritative information about dogs. Cats & Kittens is a storehouse of fFascinating articles, including breed profiles, medical reports, training advice, profiles of cats at work, and cat collectibles. Bird Times is "the magazine of the best about birds" — a fine-feathered choice for people who love their companion birds.

PetSafe (Manufacturers)

PetSafe is committed to keeping pets safe — and owners happy. Products such as Radio Fence®, remote trainers, pet doors, and bark control devices "are inspired by and developed with the input of thousands of customers and our pet-loving employees."

Pet Zone (Manufacturers)

Attractive styling and meticulous engineering give each Pet Zone product a unique look and durability. Elevated Healthy Care™ Dog Feeders, the Race-n-Chase™ cat toy, an assortment of bird houses — these and other products are the result of thorough research and consultation with veterinarians, breeders, trainers, and pet owners.

Explore the relationship with your pet, learn helpful pet secrets, read inspirational pet stories, and find out what your pets would say if they could talk.

Petster (Fun)

Petster is an interactive community that connects pet-owners and pet-enthusiasts through a global online network of animal lovers, pet friends and official and unofficial breed and species organizations.

Pfizer (Manufacturers)

Pfizer Animal Health products improve the safety, quality, and productivity of food animals — and help com-panion animals live longer, healthier lives as well. Pfizer, which developed Revolution and Rimadyl, acquired Pharmacia Animal Health, a development that augurs well for continued improvements in animal-health products.

Pretty Bird International Inc. is a young, fast-growing company. Its first products were introduced in 1990, and since then Pretty Bird has grown to be a leader in the field of exotic pet nutrition. Pretty Bird takes a fresh approach to nutrition and applies new ideas and technology to solve old problems in unique ways.

Safeguard Products Inc (Manufacturers)

Customers have put their trust in Safeguard Products Inc for more than two decades. A leading manufacturer of small animal pet homes and non-lethal box traps for the control of nuisance wildlife, Safeguard is headquarted in a 75,000-square-foot manufacturing and warehouse facility in Lancaster County, PA.

Seachem Laboratories (Manufacturers)

Seachem Laboratories believes that informed hobbyists make the best customers. This belief is reflected in solid customer education and support. While Seachem has grown rapidly into an international firm, it retains the culture of a small company and is readily available to its customers.

Sergeant’s has been a leader in the pet industry for over one hundred years, earning pet lover’s trust with quality products from day one. Our roots go all the way back to Polk Miller’s drugstore in Richmond, Virginia in 1868. Today, with over 400 pet products, we continue our commitment to excellence and to meeting your pet’s needs.

Because this is a limited-access website, visitors who wish to view Signature's Pet Collection must fill out a request form. They will then be e-mailed a password that will get them into the site.

Sun Pet Toys (Manufacturers)

Sun Pet Toys is best known for the Fetch & Flash, an electronically based, flashing dog ball that's activated when it strikes a hard surface. In addition to the Fetch & Flash, which is available in two dog sizes and a cat version, too, the Sun Pet Toys product line includes chew bones, flying discs, leashes, collars, and other colorful, long-lasting diversions for dogs and cats.

Sun Seed (Manufacturers)

Sun Seed offers more than two hundred different products for birds and small animals, ranging from food and treats to bedding. All Sun Seed mixes are triple cleaned and blended to exacting standards so that customers can be sure they're purchasing high quality feeds free from dust, fines and empty seed hulls.

T-Rex Products Inc. (Manufacturers)

T-Rex Products Inc., in cooperation with Dinosaur Nutrition Ltd., a research and development center in England, has developed most of the nutritional T-Rex Products Dry and Frozen foods. This cooperation has enabled T-Rex Products — with their cutting-edge technology — to revolutionize the reptile market throughout the world.

T.F.H. (Manufacturers)

With more than 1,200 titles in print, T.F.H. Publications Inc. is the world's largest publisher of pet and animal books. Its offerings range from simple instruction manuals for beginners to encyclopedic treatises that serve as permanent reference volumes for even the most knowledgeable reader. T.F.H. oversees each stage of the book-production process at its facilities in Neptune, NJ, which include editorial, pre-press, printing, and binding operations.

The American Pet Products Manufacturer’s Association (APPMA) is the leading not-for-profit trade association serving the interests of American pet product manufacturers and importers. Founded in 1958 with a membership of 17 manufacturers, APPMA's membership has grown to include over 500 pet product manufacturers and importers representing both large corporations and growing business enterprises.

The Bramton Company (Manufacturers)

The Bramton Company, whose catalogs are tailored for the United States and Canada (as well as the United Kingdom), offers a full line of training aids, floor protection products, stain and odor removers, cleaners and disinfectants, grooming aids, and other pet-related items.

The Pet Industry Distributors Association, was organized in 1968 for the purpose of promoting progress within the pet industry and to conduct programs and activities on behalf of the wholesaler-distributor.

Tomlyn (Manufacturers)

Tomlyn produces top-quality skin-and-coat products and medications. These products are used and endorsed by professional organizations and Certified Master Groomers and have been setting the standard for high quality for over two decades.

Publisher of Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Marine Aquarium, Parrots, Puppies, Reptile Hobbyist and Fuzzy Creatures.

Vitakraft (Manufacturers)

In addition to describing its many food and nutritional products for cats, dogs, birds, fishes, rodents, and ferrets, the Vitakraft website contains much information about selecting and caring for those pets.

Wellmark (Manufacturers)

Wellmark International is a leading manufacturer of pest-control products. The inventor of insect-growth-regulator technology, Wellmark manufactures brands including Zoecon® Professional, Zoecon® Specialty, and Zodiac® that are designed to control economic, nuisance, and disease-carrying pests. Zodiac® flea-and-tick-control products are available to pet owners through retail channels.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Today began publishing in1989. The magazine, which appears semiannually (Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter) from Coconut Creek Publishing Company ®, provides a platform for information, methods, resources, and communication for people involved in the rescue, rehabilitation, and release back to the wild of injured and orphaned native wildlife throughout the world.

World Wide Pet Supply Association, Inc.®, or WWPSA® as it is better known, is a non-profit, membership-controlled trade association organized to represent its members and the interests of the companion animal and pet products industry. America's oldest pet industry trade association, WWPSA® serves more than 450 members including Manufacturers, Product Distributors, Breeder/Livestock Distributors, Suppliers, Manufacturers' Representatives and Retail Businesses.

Zoo Med Laboratories (Manufacturers)

Zoo Med Laboratories offers an extensive selection of terrarium products, including food, vitamins, and medications. Rock heaters made of hydrated rock material, a new manual-control rheostat that accomodates up to 500 watts of heating devices or heat bulbs — these are examples of Zoo Med's dedication to improving reptile life.

ZuPreem (Manufacturers)

ZuPreem Exotic Animal Diets are the descendants of Prescription Diet® and Science Diet®. Just as those diets filled a need for better nutrition for dogs and cats, ZuPreem provides better nutrition for zoo animals and exotic caged birds.

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