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ePet Dashboard:

For the larger pet stores that want to capitalize on the internet as a means of increased business. The ePet Dashboard package comes with all the necessary elements to start taking orders, online!


Custom Pet Product Sales Shopping Cart Features:

  • Multiple Payment Gateways – Pay Pal and various other payment gateways that will handle the transaction of funds from the customer to your bank account.
    • Real-time payments ensures that the money is immediately added to your bank account.
    • Studies have shown that accepting all major credit cards, checks, and direct debit increases revenue by 10%.
    • Automatically handless all the payment issues, no need to collect credit card numbers.

  • Secure Ordering – The web site will be 100% secure, meaning every transaction is encrypted for assured security measures.
    • Studies show many customers will not buy a product from a non-secure site.
    • On line sales are increased by 20% when the payment is secure.

  • Product Image Watermarking – automatically places Huge Pet Supply brand on each uploaded image so they cannot be stolen and reused on competitive sites.
    • Ensures copyright infringement is eliminated.
    • Helps create brand identity.
    • Protects product catalog.

  • Image Automation - automatically thumbnails your pictures to provide the user with an option to view a larger image.
    • Saves time by cutting the procedure of cropping and resizing every photo into one easy step.
    • Gives the customer the option to see a larger picture if needed.
    • Makes adding pictures to you products easy and fast.

  • Featured, New & Hot Products – allows a backend administer to select products for feature. A custom built script will automatically determine which product is purchased the most and display in the front end, as well as having newly added products and new arrivals automatically displayed.
    • Creates fresh content on the front of site.
    • Adds visibility to products.

  • Affiliate System - Lets you create accounts that are for selling your products through different sites. The affiliates can then earn money through their referrals to your site. Can also track click-through to the site via affiliate links.(i.e. Partnering & advertising with related sites.)
    • Incentive for other web sites to advertise your products.
    • Increases exposure by giving partner sites affiliate links to your products.

  • Site Statistics - A graphical statistic chart for page views on products as well as sales.
    • You will be able to increase revenue by knowing the products that are viewed. For example, if you see that there are 100 views for heat rocks and only 2 sales, then based on your business experience, you might want to reduce the price of the heat rocks to increase the sales. This trend analysis is crucial to fine tuning the prices based on site statistics.

  • Related Products - much like, related products help to group similar products for easy ordering (i.e. When selling a Drip System, related products will be displayed such as water falls, mist systems, moss, plastic plants, etc.)
    • Great for selling complete packages.
    • Creates more sales by associating several products.
    • Adds exposure to less viewed products by displaying them with higher viewed products.

  • Opt in Newsletter - Using technology that verifies the customers request for a newsletter, the software creates a legitimate list of users to send out monthly coupons, sales and industry specific information to every month.
    • Creates a marketing database that will lure customers back to site to make more purchases.
    • Keeps customer updated on the progress of the site.
    • Email is the second most productive means of internet advertising.

  • Wish lists - the wish list helps the customer remember what he/she may want to order in the future.
    • Also the option of saving the wish list on his/her computer for offline viewing and the option to print the page is available.
    • Customers have the ability to send wish lists to friends: great for birthdays, Christmas, or other holidays.
    • Having a list of favorite products will remind customers of what they want to order in the future.

  • Frequent Customer Discount - a special program that gives customers that shop consistently a way to save money off their orders.
    • Each repeat customer can be given a special discount rate for every product he/she purchases.
    • Great for large accounts.
    • Lets you enter the percentage discount for each customer.

  • Coupons - In addition to the Customer Discount, special coupons, incentives or sales can easily be created.
    • Will help track successful advertising campaigns.
    • Give new customers a reason to shop with Huge Pet
  • Customer Account Section - customers can view their full order history (including the full item break down), see saved baskets and change their password. They can track their orders with a link to their UPS shipment.

  • And So Many More... - Call for More Information 1-866-534-8011